The perfect compliment to your fitness routine. Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years, our classes are designed to help you feel better, move better and improve your daily life.

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Why incorporate yoga into your fitness routine?

Feel better from the inside out.

Increase your flexibility

Yoga works to stretch and lengthen your muscles. Whether you sit all day or have been hitting the gym hard, yoga will help improve your flexibility and increase your range of motion.

Recover faster and stronger

We focus on opening up your hips, hamstrings and shoulders to help reduce muscle soreness and tightness throughout the body.

Improve your balance and stability

As we flow through class, we incorporate a lot of single leg and balancing postures to help improve your stability. By focusing on single leg postures, we also help to balance your body and keep both sides even.

Reduce Stress

When you're fully present in a yoga class, you can think of nothing else! By tuning inward and focusing on your breath, the chaos from the outside world disappears and so does your stress, your mind is clear.

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